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White couple arrested after gun pulled on black family

Police Departments Asked "Live PD" To Cut Footage That Made Cops Look Bad

The Old America Is Dead. Where Do We Go from Here?

The World Through the Eyes of a Globalist ((Twilight Zone 2020))

Now Even The COMMON COLD Is Being Counted As A Positive COVID-19 Result, CDC Says

Trump: Planned BLM mural in NYC a “symbol of hate” that would “denigrate” Fifth Avenue

The Teenage Girl Gang That Seduced and Killed Nazis

Camera off Mask off (the dickhead)

11 Redacted Seconds of Video of Fatal 2014 Drug Bust Undermine Florida Cops' Official Story

Revival with Miracles Breaks Out in Spot Where George Floyd Died in Police Custody

Tens of thousands of coronavirus tests have been double-counted, officials admit

Rand Paul Slams Fauci For Failed ‘Central Planning’ Approach To Pandemic Response

Car Owners Will be Forced To Breathe Into A Breathalyzer To Start Their Vehicles

Fauci’s Remdesivir Costs $9 Per Dose, Will Be Sold at $3,000 per Treatment — China Company Linked to Soros Will Also Mass Produce the Drug

Golden State Killer: former police officer pleads guilty to string of murders

HospiTal LefT Quadriplegic WiTh COVID-19 ... To Die - Because He Lacked --- “QualiTy of Life”

John Bolton – Traitor to Common Decency

Fox Analyst Apologises For Saying It Takes ‘Courage’ To Stand For National Anthem

Chief Federal Judge in Los Angeles Resigns After Using ‘Racist’ Term “Street Smart”

Couple Points Guns at Defund Police Protesters Outside Home in St Louis

Mask Of The Beast And Deadly Distancing

RETRO=RICKY Plays Amiga games.

SANNITY ... JusT joined --- Parler !

Drugs and Ammo

Rand Paul Tries (Again!) To Make It Harder for Police To Take Your Stuff

“This is Not Seattle – We’re Not Putting Up with This Lawlessness Here” – Oklahoma Judge Charges Protesters with Terrorism, Rioting and Assault

California Legislature Votes To Remove Anti-Discrimination Language From State Constitution

Maria Elvira Salazar on Twitter (Candidate for congress in Florida)

"Not Peace, but a Sword" (Sermon on Matthew 10:34-42)

Abortion is a diabolical weapon of mind control.

Global Goal: Unite for Our Future Concert (NWO propaganda programming)

Masks-for-all for COVID-19 not based on sound data

‘He Should Wear Cuffs’: Netizens React to Dick Cheney’s Advice on Wearing Masks

Journalist Scorches California Officials for Excessive Lockdowns in Epic Speech

Woman Assaulted at BLM Protest For Holding “Police Lives Matter” Sign

Marxists Show Up to Christian Prayer Rally at St. Louis Statue, Demand Removal of Statue of Catholic Saint (VIDEOS)

Simpsonville man sues Greenville County Sheriff’s Office after getting shot by deputy inside own home

Video: Washington Sheriff On Governor’s Mask Law – “Don’t Be A Sheep”

Maskless man faces charge of assaulting a public servant after altercation with judge who wrote mask order

Good source for an "Asp" type collapsible baton?

Tucker Carlson: Trump could well lose the election - he must defend America's institutions

AGW Dating, Part II

List of 269 companies supporting Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the lines have been drawn

The Real Reason for the Face Diaper Mandates

Kansas State Student Flooded With Death Threats Over George Floyd Joke, School Launches Investigation Into HIM

Black Lives Matter Hate Hoaxer Shaun King Not Really Black?

Biden: 120 Million Dead from COVID-19

HBO Bans South Park Episodes That Depict Muhammad (Islamic law guides decision to ban episodes)

Yahoo Pushes For Replacing Star-Spangled Banner With John Lennon’s "Imagine"

Bill Gates slams Trump for blaming other countries like China for coronavirus pandemic - as his wife Melinda says black Americans should get the vaccine first

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Ever Meet A Republican Anti-Gay Fanatic Who WASN'T A Closet Case?
Post Date: 2011-08-17 15:41:31 by Brian S
Phillip Hinkle (R-IN), count down to resignation has begunThe message "I Need A Sugga Daddy" always drives rightists into a feeding frenzy-- especially when they're homophobes and it comes from a young boy. Is it such a powerful sexual turn-on to conservatives because it's a power trip? I suspect it isn't bringing out a nurturing side of them. But we'll just have to ask notorious anti-gay fanatic Phillip Hinkle (R-IN), a 64 year old married man from Indianapolis, first elected to the Indiana House in 2000. Indianapolis' conservative Gannett newspaper, The Star reported today that Hinkle solicited sex from an 18 year old boy via the m4m "casual ...

Pamela Geller: Rick Perry Needs To Address His Ties To Stealth Jihadist
Post Date: 2011-08-17 11:38:10 by Brian S
Anti-Islam blogger Pamela Geller has accused TX Gov. Rick Perry of being the pro-Sharia "Fifth Column" presidential candidate -- but still says she'd support him if she had to "with every breath of my body." Geller's been writing about Perry's relationship with the Aga Khan, the leader of the Ismailis sect of Shia Islam, in response to a Salon piece that detailed their friendship. From Justin Elliott at Salon: Sprouting from that friendship are at least two cooperation agreements between the state of Texas and Ismaili institutions, including a far-reaching program to educate Texas schoolchildren about Islam. More here. Geller, of course, was concerned. ...

Trump: ‘I’d Be Willing’ To Pay More Taxes
Post Date: 2011-08-17 11:32:12 by Brian S
Real estate mogul Donald Trump said Monday that he would be willing to pay a higher tax rate but most oil companies would not because they are not patriotic. “Warren Buffet made another splash with his op-ed in The New York Times, saying it’s just not right that he, a billionaire, pays 17 percent in taxes when his secretary and receptionist pay more,” ABC’s George Stephanopoulos told Trump. “Isn’t he right about that?” “There’s many different views on that,” Trump replied. “And I can also tell you that a lot of people will go elsewhere to do business if you start taxing them.” “But 17 percent isn’t much for a ...

Book About Texas Gov. Rick Perry Coming In 2012 (Title: Adios Mofo: Why Rick Perry Will Make America Miss George W. Bush)
Post Date: 2011-08-16 11:28:58 by Brian S
NEW YORK (AP) -- Rick Perry has the book world's attention. The Texas governor and recently declared GOP presidential candidate is the subject of new book by James C. Moore, co-author of the anti-George W. Bush best-seller "Bush's Brain," and Texas political consultant Jason Stanford. Metropolitan Books, an imprint of Henry Holt and Company, announced Tuesday that "Adios Mofo: Why Rick Perry Will Make America Miss George W. Bush" is scheduled for early 2012. According to Metropolitan, the authors have "deep contacts with numerous operatives in the Perry campaign" and will present the governor as an "ideologue with scant interest or success in ...

Obama To Launch Counter-Offensive Branding GOP Contenders 'Tea Party Lackeys'
Post Date: 2011-08-15 16:00:32 by Brian S
President Obama will this week launch a counter-offensive branding the GOP contenders 'Tea Party lackeys' as his approval rating hits an all-time low. The President's approval rating has dropped to below 40 per cent for the first time, according to Gallup's daily tracking poll. The poll released last night said found 39 per cent of Americans approve Mr Obama's performance, while 54 per cent disapprove. The fall comes as Mr Obama launches a political counteroffensive this week, while he's weighed down by wilting support among some of his most ardent backers, a stunted economy and a daily bashing from the slew of Republicans campaigning for his job. 'We've ...

While Pushing Corporate Tax Cuts, Bachmann Rejects Extending Jobless Benefits: ‘We Don’t Have The Money’
Post Date: 2011-08-15 11:36:00 by Brian S
Right now, 14 million unemployed Americans are struggling to make ends meet. 44.4 percent of these Americans have been struggling without a job for six months or more. While Republican lawmakers continually put off their “jobs” agenda, many of these Americans receive much needed financial support from the federal unemployment benefits program. These benefits, unfortunately, will expire at the end of 2011. GOP presidential frontrunner Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has been touting a “jobs” candidacy and emphatically insists that she could spur some economic recovery within the first three months of her presidency, if “not the whole turnaround.” Her powerhouse ...

Ron Paul Breaks With Mitt Romney: ‘People Are Individuals…Not Companies’
Post Date: 2011-08-15 11:34:20 by Brian S
Late last week, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) told Iowa fair-goers during a question-and-answer session about his belief that “corporations are people.” Romney, who earned a reputation in 2008 as a flip-flopper, was loathe to back down from the misstep, doubling down on his comments over the weekend. Other conservatives also rushed to his defense, including Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R), both of whom told ThinkProgress they supported the idea that corporations are people. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), who placed second in the Ames Straw Poll over the weekend, took a far different view when speaking with ThinkProgress. Unlike Romney and his own ...

Does the Tea Party need an Army?
Post Date: 2011-08-15 09:28:29 by A K A Stone
Just askin.

Tea Party’s Heyday May Be Coming To An End, Say Political Experts
Post Date: 2011-08-14 18:56:30 by Brian S
The reign of the Tea Party may be coming to an end in Washington, according to academic political experts who say polls show a backlash against the conservative movement. Two national polls released this month by CNN and The New York Times in conjunction with CBS News showed the Tea Party’s unfavorable rating at an all-time high. Political scientists say the data shows a backlash of independent voters against conservative lawmakers who have taken a hard line against bipartisan compromise in Washington. These experts say independent voters who make up the swing bloc of the electorate typically pay less attention to politics than staunch Republican and Democratic voters. The ...

Gop Chairmen Want To Know Effect Of Huge Spending Cuts On National Security
Post Date: 2011-08-14 18:21:28 by Brian S
Three House Republican committee chairmen are pushing the Obama administration to explain how it anticipates up to $1 trillion in Defense cuts would affect U.S. national security. The $350 billion in national security budget shrinkage mandated in a debt-ceiling deal signed into law by President Obama on Aug. 2 “would be an unprecedented drawdown in Defense while U.S. forces are committed to contingency operations,” the three GOP chairmen wrote to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and White House budget chief Jack Lew in an Aug. 10 letter. “More troubling than the lack of any historical precedent, however, is that this decision to reduce defense spending … has preceded ...

Ron Paul Attacks Abortion In Ames Speech: ‘All Life Is Precious’
Post Date: 2011-08-14 13:19:53 by Brian S
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul began his speech in Ames, Iowa on Saturday by railing against abortion. "There is something that precedes liberty, and that is life," the Texas congressman said. "I believe in a very limited role for the government, but the prime reason that government exists in a free society is to protect liberty and also to protect life, and I mean all life." Paul, a libertarian, has gained an enthusiastic following for his strong views on limited government, free market economics and isolationist foreign policy, but has remained less vocal about social issues than most other Republicans. The speech came ahead of the Ames Straw Poll, an ...

Issa Rips Gov. Perry's 'Texas Miracle'
Post Date: 2011-08-13 12:48:12 by Brian S
Count Rep. Darrell Issa as another skeptic of Gov. Rick Perry’s “Texas Miracle” – the catchphrase used to describe how the Lone Star State has added hundreds of thousands more jobs than any other. In a wide-ranging speech Friday in San Diego, Issa added another salvo in the Texas-California job-creation debate. Perry, who is expected to join the GOP presidential race Saturday, has drawn a mix of scorn and praise for helping to foster a business-friendly environment during his tenure as the nation’s longest-serving governor. “Rick Perry’s entire claim to fame is that he kicked our ass. You guys can laugh. You can let it out,” Issa, R-Vista, said at a ...

Scarborough: ‘Michele Bachmann Is A Joke’
Post Date: 2011-08-12 12:23:16 by Brian S
Conservative MSNBC host Joe Scarborough Thursday tore into the base of the Republican Party in Iowa for pushing Michele Bachmann, someone who is “never going to get close winning the presidential nomination.” “Michele Bachmann’s first answer was, I wish the federal government had defaulted,” Scarborough recalled Bachmann saying during Thursday night’s Republican debate. “Had defaulted! A week after Americans lost — some of them perhaps lost half of their pensions. Lost half of their 401ks. When trillions of dollars went down the drain with Americans suffering, she said that and got applause.” “If anybody thinks that guys like my dad are ...

Voters Question Tea Party-Backed Lawmaker After Vote on U.S. Debt Accord
Post Date: 2011-08-12 12:13:58 by Brian S
First-term Representative Sean Duffy leveraged voter backlash over expanded government into an election win last year. His support last week for the U.S. debt- reduction deal is leaving the Republican vulnerable to a potential revolt of his own. In Duffy’s northwest Wisconsin district, the stock market’s volatility following Standard & Poor’s lowering of the nation’s credit rating has some voters angered with a deal they say didn’t do enough to prevent a downgrade. Others say they’re fed up with an ongoing debt debate that diverts attention from ways to jump-start a slow-moving economy. After benefiting from an anti-Washington mood to take office, Duffy ...

Ron Paul Rails Against Rick Santorum: ‘We Just Plain Don’t Mind Our Own Business!’ [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2011-08-12 01:18:40 by Brian S
The debate began with the two most similar candidates– Minnesotans Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Rep. Michele Bachmann– pulling no punches in disparaging each other’s records. It wouldn’t take long for the two most different candidates to have at it, and the foreign policy conversation between. Rep. Ron Paul and Rick Santorum delivered just as much as the experience one among the Minnesotans. Rep. Paul brought his vintage A-game to the debate on foreign policy tonight, attacking America’s foreign policy on Iran and arguing that they were entirely justified in wanting nuclear weapons. Arguing that the USSR had nuclear weapons and “they were the greatest danger in our ...

Welcome Nolu Chan [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2011-08-11 17:46:58 by A K A Stone
Welcome Nolu Chan. Hey be nice everybody.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Pays $30 Per Month For Health Insurance
Post Date: 2011-08-11 14:32:35 by Brian S
Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) crashed into office earlier this year on a campaign bashing President Barack Obama's health care plan and its ability to lower costs for consumers, but it turns out that he doesn't mind the governmental twist that allows him to pay a lower insurance premium himself. Scott pays only $30 per month for taxpayer-subsidized health insurance for himself and his family, the Miami Herald reported. Meanwhile, the janitors who clean his office in the state Capitol pay six times as much out of pocket for their own health coverage. Scott accepts no salary as state executive, but a perk of his — and 32,000 other high-ranking state officials — job is the ...

Tea Party Rep: Bank Should Have Known I Wouldn't Be Able To Repay $2.2 Million Loan
Post Date: 2011-08-11 13:12:25 by Brian S
Tea Party aligned Georgia Rep. Tom Graves (R), who castigates Washington for fiscal irresponsibility, reached an out of court settlement Wednesday after he was sued for defaulting on a $2.2 million loan -- which his attorney argued is the bank's fault for lending him the money in the first place. Graves and his business partner Chip Rogers -- who is the state Senate's Republican majority leader -- took out a $2.2 million loan from the Bartow County Bank in 2007 to buy and renovate a local motel. The project soon went belly-up. The bank, which has since failed and had its assets taken over, sued Graves and Rogers for defaulting. The two Republicans then countersued, "accusing ...

Congressman Feuds With White House Over Bin Laden Movie
Post Date: 2011-08-11 11:58:02 by Brian S
WASHINGTON — A movie about the hunt for Osama bin Laden, expected in theaters just weeks before the 2012 presidential election, is already generating a partisan political feud. Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, says he's worried that the Obama administration will only be too happy to give sensitive details about the Navy SEAL mission to the Oscar-winning moviemakers behind the project. White House spokesman Jay Carney suggests that King should have better things to do than complain about a movie. King on Wednesday sought an investigation by the CIA and Pentagon inspectors general, wanting them to review the administration's ...

Michele Bachmann Repeatedly Sought Stimulus, EPA, Other Government Funds
Post Date: 2011-08-10 13:16:11 by Brian S
WASHINGTON -- Few candidates in the Republican presidential primary field have decried the federal government with as much gusto as Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.). The three-term congresswoman has belittled the stimulus package, deemed the Obama administration both corrupt and "gangster," and lamented the "orgy" of spending she sees happening in Washington. The contempt has served her well, helping her craft the type of fiscally conservative, anti-government message that has catapulted her into frontrunner status for the Iowa Caucus and, more immediately, Saturday's crucial Ames Straw Poll. But it's simply not supported by the Minnesota Republican's actual ...

Obama Retakes Lead In 2012 Generic Ballot
Post Date: 2011-08-10 11:59:20 by Brian S
President Obama jumped ahead of a nameless Republican challenger in Gallup's monthly survey of the generic ballot. Registered voters shifted toward Obama over the last month, erasing the advantage a generic Republican challenger to the president had enjoyed over the two previous months. Forty-five percent of registered voters said they would pick Obama, versus 39 percent who would favor "the Republican Party's candidate." The generic GOP candidate had led Obama 47-39 percent in mid-July, and 44-39 percent in mid-June. While the generic matchup is an imprecise measure of how Obama might perform against specific Republican candidates, it represents an overall shift in ...

Banjo Boy Issues Coherent Rant on elPee
Post Date: 2011-08-10 11:45:20 by Fred Mertz
#15. To: Infowarrior (#14) (Edited) You're not welcome here ! Goldi said your crap belongs in the biker bar ! You should be put out of your misery ! When the next tim mcveigh happens it will be traced back to you ! You will be a co conspirator ! byeltsin posted on 2011-08-10 11:36:25 ET

Tea Party Town Runs Out of Water, Prays for Help
Post Date: 2011-08-09 17:06:35 by Brian S
Dear Tea Party: This is why you have to collect taxes and spend money on infrastructure. The north Texas town of Kemp ran out of water this week, leaving its 1,133 residents without drinking water. "Right now our water towers have no water in them at all," said Kemp Mayor Donald Kile. "According to the weather forecast we got no relief coming. We're believing and we're praying for rain." Aah yes, prayer — the last refuge of the truly desperate. Perhaps these Texans could try something the rest of the civilized world does, and raise tax revenues to pay for infrastructure improvements. Why? Their infrastructure dates back to the 1930s. Most of the water ...

Birfer Madness - on elPee
Post Date: 2011-08-09 12:57:08 by Fred Mertz
Click on the link if you are bored or need some entertainment. www.libertypost.org/cgi-b...gi?ArtNum=311744&Disp=All Goldi is on a crusade, or so it appears.

Michele Bachmann Doesn't Need 'Newsweek' to Make Her Look Crazy
Post Date: 2011-08-09 11:43:50 by Brian S
Ever since the great and cringe-worthy Princess Diana Debacle of June 2011, Newsweek hasn't been the same. Under Tina Brown's editorial eye, they've been going for the shock value, it seems, looking to get people talking. And they're succeeding -- especially this week with their Michele Bachmann cover. The photo, in no uncertain terms, makes the GOP presidential candidate look like a wild-eyed crazy person, complete with the coverline, "The Queen of Rage."  Of course, the GOP and the Tea Party in particular are SUPER offended by this, because they say the "lamestream media" is once again targeting their peeps, making 'em look like a bunch of ...

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