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The “Czech Donald Trump,” Andrej Babis, wins in a “voting hurricane”

Air Force Punishes Respected Officer for Refusing to Endorse Same-sex Marriage

Republicans Officially Give Up Trying to Cut Spending

Immigration in the National Interest

HILLARY UNLEASHED: Cracks joke about H.W. Bush’s health, says Trump speech ‘some weir Shit't

YouTube deletes Maxine Waters promise to ‘go and take out Trump’

Jim Bakker Says God Will Punish You For Making Fun Of Him

The Big Myth About Dirty Jobs, Minimum Wage, and Illegal Immigration

Don't capture them, KILL them: Syrian rebels who drove ISIS out of Raqqa were ordered by US advisers to show no mercy to Western jihadists to stop them returning home to carry out terror attacks

Bannon blasts George W. Bush’s presidency (FR wises up)

Elon Musk to start hyperloop project in Maryland


Black Woman goes Ballistic over “Dukes of Hazzard” Car

False Flag Terror: FBI Used Swat Team To Confiscate Key Surveillance Video Of The Las Vegas Massacre From The Tropicana Hotel

Texas Officials Forcing Hurricane Victims to Pledge Loyalty to Israel to Receive Funding—Seriously

Trump expected to block release of classified JFK assassination documents

Trump will allow release of classified JFK assassination files

Antifa fight club: Teaching the far left to punch and shoot

Under Trump, Brags Mike Pompeo, CIA Will Be 'Much More Vicious Agency'

I'm not getting this whole Trump phone call thing

Ottawa man not guilty of sexual assault because he thought he could have sex with wife anytime

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: It Helps Them Consolidate Memories

The Fall of Civilizations

Profile In Treason: The Inconceivable Evil Of John McCain—“Man Of Blood”

Transgender Wyoming woman convicted of sexually assaulting 10-year-old girl in bathroom

My daughter informed me last night what the olden days are

Cop Fired for Domestic Violence, Joins New Dept., Arrested Again for Domestic Violence—All In a Year

Coverup Questions Emerge Over Vegas Security Guard's 'Ellen' Appearance

2 former presidents — from both parties — blast the state of American politics in unprecedented day

Donald Trump Didn't Create Danger Of Presidential Dictatorship... He Inherited It

Judging by Mueller's staffing choices, he may not be very interested in justice

Bank Run Imminent: Catalan Separatists Urge Supporters To Pull Cash From ATMs On Friday Morning

George W. Bush Institute Summit, NYC: President Bush Remarks On The Crisis With North Korea (globalist neocon discontent, Nativism, White Supremacy) 10/19/17)

Break up the Google-Facebook-Amazon web monopoly

ICE Director: Suspected Wine Country Arsonist Is Illegal Alien Mexican National

Awful: Thad Cochran reportedly disoriented in the Senate

Will people now believe Corey Feldman about Hollywood abusers?

Obama’s name to replace Jefferson Davis on Jackson elementary school

Team Obama’s stunning cover-up of Russian crimes

Scalias All the Way Down

Kid Rock’s Senate Competition Is The Infamous Libertarian Convention Streaker

No Charge

Why hydrogen is becoming a big deal

Americans Are Winning: Empty Seats All Around The NFL In Week 6: You Have The Power!

Hillary Clinton Could Still Be Installed as President

When you die you know you're dead: Major study shows mind still works after the body shows no sign of life

Dressing as a clown could get you killed at Halloween, warns Florida sheriff who says people have a right to defend themselves

The human brain tripled in size over the last 8 million years because we ventured further afield and NOT because our social groups got bigger

Wounded casino security guard vanishes from Las Vegas — and reappears on the set of 'Ellen'

Does TV's obsession with fictional American traitors affect our view of government?

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HILLARY UNLEASHED: Cracks joke about H.W. Bush’s health, says Trump speech ‘some weir Shit't
Post Date: 2017-10-22 08:16:20 by IbJensen
Still hawking her book overseas, Hillary Clinton appeared on The Graham Norton Show and cracked a joke about former President George H.W. Bush’s health, and referred to President Trump’s inauguration speech as “some weird shit.” Hillary was asked about attending Trump’s inauguration, and she claims she and Bill tried to get out of it — a statement that contradicts what she said only days ago. “I really tried to get out of going,” she said. “I was going not as the candidate or as the opponent, but as a former first lady.” She said it’s tradition for Republican and Democratic former presidents and first ladies appear, but ...

YouTube deletes Maxine Waters promise to ‘go and take out Trump’
Post Date: 2017-10-22 07:38:00 by IbJensen
EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has deleted the original video of Waters’s appearance. Another version has been embedded here and will be visible until it is removed, too. It’s been only four months since Rep. Steve Scalise was shot by a Bernie Sanders fan, but did one of his colleagues advocate violence against the president of the United States? The one-note impeachment minstrel Maxine Waters promised a group that benefits “homeless LGBTQ youth” that she will “take out” the president — and the liberal audience wildly applauded. Appearing recently at the Ali Forney Center gala in New York City, it only took Waters 27 seconds before she slammed Trump. ...

Black Woman goes Ballistic over “Dukes of Hazzard” Car
Post Date: 2017-10-21 11:19:44 by Deckard
A black woman attending the 32nd Annual Highland Creek Heritage Festival outside of Toronto last weekend became enraged upon seeing The Dukes of Hazzard “General Lee” Dodge Charger replica featured in a prominent location. Ybia Anderson Ybia Anderson, who is a board member of the Toronto District School Board, took her 3-year-old child to the festival and went into an animalistic frenzy when she caught sight of the Confederate battle flags emblazoned on the car’s top and front license plate. She told a local news outlet afterward that upon arriving at the festival and spotting the muscle car, she “encountered a negative vibe about it” and it wasn’t until ...

George W. Bush Institute Summit, NYC: President Bush Remarks On The Crisis With North Korea (globalist neocon discontent, Nativism, White Supremacy) 10/19/17)
Post Date: 2017-10-20 00:34:27 by hondo68
Published on Oct 19, 2017 Former President George W. Bush delivers remarks "The Spirit of Liberty: At Home, In The World" at the Bush Institute Summit in New York City. Poster Comment:What a cracka!

Clinton: We made a person who committed sexual assault president
Post Date: 2017-10-15 10:13:14 by IbJensen
Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton discussed the culture of sexual assault following a myriad of new sexual harassment and assault allegations against Hollywood film producer and longtime Democratic donor Harvey Weinstein. In an interview with the U.K.'s Channel 4 News on Saturday, Clinton said: "Look, we just elected someone who admitted sexual assault to the presidency. So there's a lot of other issues that are swirling around these kinds of behaviors that need to be addressed," Clinton said when asked if she had heard rumors of Weinstein's behavior before the bombshell reports. "I think it's important that we stay focused, and shine ...

Trump took the healthcare system hostage, now he has ransom demands
Post Date: 2017-10-14 08:16:38 by A K A Stone
Having taken health care hostage, Donald Trump isn't about to surrender that hostage without getting the ransom that he wants. Trump has pulled every lever available, by both executive order and regulatory ruling, to sabotage the Affordable Care Act and put the lives of millions of Americans in jeopardy. He followed his assault with a demand that Congress solve the issue, or else. Deliberately denying health care to citizens, especially working class citizens who depend on the ACA may seem cruel. Because it is. But Trump is called to a higher purpose: Destroying everything ever touched by Barack Obama. In the service of that goal, he's not about to accept a solution that leaves ...

Texas State University Looking to Hire Math Education Professors Committed to 'Social Justice'
Post Date: 2017-10-14 07:39:25 by IbJensen
There are a few classes where one's politics really are irrelevant. Despite Leftist claims that everything is subjective, there are a few places where that just can't be true. Subjectivity may change someone's outlook on history, for example, but it doesn't do anything about changing the fact that 2+2=4. But that's not stopping Texas State University From Campus Reform: Texas State University is hoping to hire two Math Education professors with a demonstrated and longstanding commitment to “social justice.” According to the job postings on Inside Higher Ed, the two new professors must not only share TSU’s commitment to “education equity” and ...

Boy Scouts Of America Announces Plans To Let Girls Join
Post Date: 2017-10-12 06:21:56 by Deckard
Following a unanimous vote by its board of directors, Boy Scouts of America announced Wednesday that the organization would be allowing girls to join its Cub Scout program. BSA will also be developing a scouting program for older girls to enable them to reach its highest rank of Eagle Scout. “The historic decision comes after years of receiving requests from families and girls,” stated a press release from the BSA. “The organization evaluated the results of numerous research efforts, gaining input from current members and leaders, as well as parents and girls who’ve never been involved in Scouting ― to understand how to offer families an important additional ...

Raising the Jolly Roger (The Auto Industry Goes Left)
Post Date: 2017-10-12 06:19:01 by Deckard
Most people don’t know that the term, politically correct, has its origins in Stalin’s Soviet Union. Back then, it meant more than just excommunication from the Party. It often meant excommunication from this veil of tears – a la Trotsky, via an icepick to the head. Well, it may come to that here as well. It is certainly headed that way. Of all things – and of all places – the car business has become hag-ridden by politically correct orthodoxies and while the penalty for running afoul of these is not yet NKVD thugs bashing in your skull, it is serious enough. About  year ago, I wrote a column (here) lambasting the fact that a major automaker – ...

North Tonawanda law punishes parents for their kids' bullying
Post Date: 2017-10-10 21:17:34 by cranky
North Tonawanda has a message for parents of bullies: If your kid commits a crime, you might do the time. Not a lot of time – no more than 15 days – but long enough to reflect on your bad parenting from the inside of a jail cell. A new anti-bullying law passed by the North Tonawanda Common Council last week is the first of its kind in Western New York and may be the first in New York State, City Attorney Luke A. Brown said. It places the legal onus on parents of minors who bully other kids, host parties where laws are violated, or who stay out after the city's curfew. The law sprang from the frustration of parents and police over juvenile violence earlier this year in North ...

New California law allows jail time for using wrong gender pronoun, sponsor denies that would happen
Post Date: 2017-10-10 08:40:42 by cranky
Democratic California Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation on October 4, 2017 that would punish health care workers with fine, and potential jail time, if they decline to use a senior transgender patient's "preferred name or pronouns." The bill was sponsored by California State Sen. Scott Wiener. (AP ) California health care workers who “willfully and repeatedly” decline to use a senior transgender patient's “preferred name or pronouns” could face punishments ranging from a fine to jail time under a newly signed law. California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the legislation last week. The sponsor, Democratic state Sen. Scott Wiener, has argued adamantly ...

(Here we go again)Poll: Americans think Congress should ditch partisanship and embrace compromise
Post Date: 2017-10-09 17:23:56 by Justified
Poll: Americans think Congress should ditch partisanship and embrace compromise American citizens haven’t seemed too pleased with Congress’s lack of bipartisanship and accompanying gridlock in recent years — and they’re even less pleased now. A Gallup poll published Monday morning found that 54 percent of Americans wish politicians in Washington would compromise to get things done. Only 18 percent want political leaders to stick to their beliefs even if it accomplishes little — a new low. And 28 percent fall somewhere in the middle. The gap between compromising and sticking to one’s principles is the widest since Gallup started asking the question in 2010. ...

Why ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’ Is Far Worse Than Columbus Day [savage redskins]
Post Date: 2017-10-09 11:45:48 by Tooconservative
Los Angeles and Austin, Texas have now joined the list of liberal-run cities that have eradicated Columbus Day from their calendars and replaced it with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” In LA, the desire to dis the European discoverer was so strong that they rejected a compromise proposal to keep Columbus Day and add “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” elsewhere. “We need to dismantle a state-sponsored celebration of genocide of indigenous peoples,” said Chrissie Castro of the LA Native American Indian Commission. “To make us celebrate on any other day would be further injustice.” Most Americans don’t agree. A new Marist poll finds 56 percent of ...

Pennsylvania Vegan Loses Food Truck Business After Celebrating Murder of ‘Meat Eaters’ in Las Vegas
Post Date: 2017-10-08 13:42:11 by Tooconservative
The owner of a vegan food truck in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, was forced to shut down her business and go into hiding after receiving blowback from a Facebook post celebrating the fate of the “fifty nine meat eaters” who died in last week’s mass shooting in Las Vegas. The Mother Nature Vegan Cuisine food truck is now out of business after the owner, Delinda Jensen, 60, drew massive criticism for posting an October 2 message to Facebook reading, “Yes I am jaded. Fifty nine meat eaters dead. How many animals will live because of this?” As people began scolding her on the post, she jumped back in to reply, “I don’t give a (expletive) about carnists ...

Man Surrenders All His Guns to Make a Statement After Vegas Attack
Post Date: 2017-10-07 18:35:43 by Deckard
Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins Phoenix, Arizona, resident Jonathan Pring called police and surrendered all of his guns in hopes of making a statement following the heinous attack on concertgoers in Las Vegas. According to 12 News, Pring said the Vegas attack made him “think about what was important in life,” and he listed family as number one. He then said, “I would hate for that to happen to my family and it suddenly made me think how ridiculous this whole gun debate is in America. So, one immediate thing that I could do was hand over my guns,” he said. “I’m one less civilian that has guns.”   He did not discuss the soaring death rate ...

Deaf-blind patrons must be able to go to the movies too, court says
Post Date: 2017-10-07 09:51:42 by Justified
An appeals court ruled that federal disability law requires movie theaters to provide specialized interpreters to patrons who are deaf and blind. (iStock) Federal disability law requires movie theaters to provide specialized interpreters to patrons who are deaf and blind, an appeals court said Friday. The Philadelphia-based 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Cinemark, the nation's third-largest movie chain, in a case involving a Pennsylvania man who wanted to see the 2014 movie "Gone Girl" and asked a Cinemark theater in Pittsburgh to supply a "tactile interpreter." The theater denied his request. The plaintiff, Paul McGann, is a movie enthusiast ...

48hrs After Black Players Break White QB's Back For Standing For Anthem, Chiefs Star Sends Sick...
Post Date: 2017-10-06 12:31:23 by A K A Stone
Protests within the NFL have taken a nasty racist turn over the past several weeks, after Seahawks player Michael Bennett started a sick new trend where black players are now rendering black power salutes anytime they sack a white player on the field. The NFL has an even bigger scandal brewing however, after white Raiders quarterback Derek Carr had his back broken over the weekend during a tackle, where some sports commentators are speculating that Carr’s all-black offensive line refused to block for him a savage punishment to Carr for choosing to stand for the national anthem while they all sat before the game. As Carr’s season-ending injury looks to be the result of a ...

Dumbass Alert: Dr. Seuss museum to replace mural after complaints of racism
Post Date: 2017-10-06 12:26:59 by A K A Stone
SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts museum dedicated to Dr. Seuss says it will replace a mural featuring a Chinese character from one of his books after three authors said they would boycott an event due to the "jarring racial stereotype." The mural features illustrations from the author's first children's book, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street. The museum, which is located in the author's hometown of Springfield, said Thursday that the mural will be replaced by images from later books. Three children's authors declined an invitation to the museum's inaugural Children's Literature Festival, which was set for Oct. 14 before being ...

Paul Ryan Sides with Hillary: Shelves Bill to Deregulate Suppressors
Post Date: 2017-10-04 19:20:31 by hondo68
Justin Sullivan, Mark Wilson/Getty ImagesTwo days after an attacker opened fire on concert goers in Las Vegas, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc) announced he was shelving legislation to deregulate suppressors. After the Vegas attacker killed at least 59 and wounded over 500, Hillary Clinton tweeted: The crowd fled at the sound of gunshots. Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get. — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) October 2, 2017 Clinton’s tweet ignores the reality of the tactical superiority of the attacker’s position–he was on the 32nd floor shooting down on people who were trapped in a concert venue. To escape they ...

Michelle Obama: ‘People Don’t Trust Politics’ Because GOP Is ‘All Men, All White’
Post Date: 2017-10-04 07:52:37 by cranky
Tuesday at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women, former first lady Michelle Obama said when she attended the State of the Union address she would notice the Republican side was “all men, all white,” and that was why she argued many people of color “don’t trust politics.” Speaking about diversity, Obama said, “We should be working actively to mix it up, so we’re getting a real broad range of perspectives on every issue. Shoot, I would see that in Congress.” She explained, “At the State of the Union address … when you are in the room what you can see is this real dichotomy. It’s a feeling of color almost. On one side of the room is ...

San Juan Mayor After Trump Visit: 'Stop Spouting Out Comments That Really Hurt' Puerto Ricans
Post Date: 2017-10-04 07:25:22 by IbJensen
(President Trump greets San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz after arriving at the Luis Muñiz Air National Guard Base in San Juan on Oct. 3, 2017p WASHINGTON -- San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz said President Trump risked being the "miscommunicator in chief" after a meeting in which Trump joked about the island draining the U.S. budget and contrasted their "death count" with the toll suffered in Hurricane Katrina. At a briefing with aid officials, Gov. Ricardo Rossello, Resident Commissioner Jenniffer Gonzalez and mayors including Yulín Cruz, Trump praised Rossello: "I just want to tell you that right from the beginning this governor ...

Kaepernick donated $25,000 to group honoring cop killer
Post Date: 2017-10-03 17:55:27 by IbJensen
Colin Kaepernick has received favorable publicity for pledging $1 million in charitable donations. But according to the Washington Times, $25,000 of that money has been donated to an outfit called Assata’s Daughters, which is named after former Black Liberation Army member Assata Shakur. Assata Shakur was convicted of first-degree murder in the 1973 shooting death of New Jersey state trooper Werner Foerster. He was sentenced to life in prison, but staged a jailbreak. Shakur now lives as a fugitive in Cuba. Assata’s Daughters was founded in 2015. Its mission, according to the outfit’s website, is to “develop and train young people, ages 4-19, in the Black queer feminist ...

How the Democrats Set Up Puerto Rico for Disaster
Post Date: 2017-10-03 17:42:50 by IbJensen
What New Orleans, Houston and Puerto Rico have in common. (Hillarycrats) We’ve seen this show before. When there’s a national disaster, neighborhoods have been reduced to rubble, shelters are filled with crying families, and a Republican is in the White House, the Democrats jump into action. Not to help, but to make political capital from a disaster that they helped cause. After Hurricane Katrina, the media shrieked that survivors inside the New Orleans Superdome were murdering each other. But there actually wasn’t a single murder in the Superdome. And no, NBC’s Brian Williams, never saw any corpses floating past the Ritz-Carlton. The media exaggerated and lied. ...

Larry David discovers he had slave-owning Confederate ancestors in Alabama
Post Date: 2017-10-03 14:49:55 by Tooconservative
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" actor/comedian Larry David said he was taken aback by discovering ancestors who owned slaves in antebellum Alabama, according to a story by USA Today. Henry Louis Gates Jr. -- the Harvard professor and host of PBS' "Finding Your Roots" -- said he's been trying to get David on his show for years, and he'll finally appear on tonight's season premier. The show traces the ancestral roots of celebrities. Those roots had more than one interesting surprise for David. "I was shocked. I was completely blown away." - Larry David receives surprising news about his ancestry on the season premiere of #FindingYourRoots on 10/03 @ ...

Sen. Chris Murphy: Congress Must ‘Get Off Its Ass’ and Restrict 2nd Amendment
Post Date: 2017-10-03 13:11:54 by IbJensen
(Typifying all Democrats by opening his big mouth and spewing hot air)_ On the morning after the heinous attack on a concert venue in Las Vegas, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) said Congress must “get off its ass” and restrict the Second Amendment. Breitbart News reported that the attack occurred while country music singer Jason Aldean was playing at the venue. The attacker opened fire on concertgoers from an elevated position—the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel—wounding over 500 and killing more than 50. According to NBC News, Murphy responded to the attack by saying, “This must stop. It is positively infuriating that my colleagues in Congress are so afraid of ...

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