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Title: Ben Carson Can’t Stop Talking About His Laundry
Source: Vanity Fair
URL Source: http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2016 ... stop-talking-about-his-laundry
Published: Feb 6, 2016
Author: Benjamin Landy
Post Date: 2016-02-06 09:39:58 by Willie Green
Keywords: None
Views: 555
Comments: 9

“I don’t just throw something in the garbage and buy a new suit.”

Four days after a disappointing fourth-place finish in Iowa, former neurosurgeon Ben Carson is still struggling to defend a perplexing decision to abandon the state Monday night, while the Republican caucuses were still ongoing, to fly home to Florida to rest and do laundry.

“Well, also you know, I heard people saying, ‘What's wrong with Carson? They have clothes in New Hampshire. He can go and buy some more suits and some more shirts,’” Carson said during an interview Friday on “The View,” according to Politico. “Well, see, that’s not the way I grew up. I grew up to preserve what I have. I don’t just throw something in the garbage and buy a new suit,” added Carson, who flew over one thousand miles from Iowa to West Palm Beach to get a clean set of clothes.

Of course, the hubbub was about more than just laundry. When Carson left Iowa, staffers for Ted Cruz seized on the momentary confusion surrounding his absence to spread false rumors that Carson had dropped out of the race, and encouraged his supporters to throw their vote to Cruz. After winning the caucuses, the Texas senator later admitted his team made a mistake, but repeatedly tried to blame the media for the mixup. Carson called it “a dirty trick.”

On Wednesday, a still-fuming Carson convened a last-minute press conference to berate Cruz for the deception and accused his campaign of deliberately rigging the caucuses. “Is it OK for … being on the road for three weeks to go home and get a change of clothes?” he asked. “Dr. Carson feels absolutely robbed, violated," Carson’s business manager, Armstrong Williams, told Politico in an interview. "He realizes, the Democrats are not his enemies trying to malign him. It’s people who smile in his face, shake his hand, go out to dinner with him — and yet, they’re trying to destroy him behind his back.”

Since flying out of Iowa to do laundry, Carson has yet to set foot in New Hampshire, which holds its primary Tuesday night. According to his campaign, the retired doctor will visit the Granite State on Saturday to meet volunteers in Manchester, just hours before heading over to the Republican debate nearby.

Poster Comment:

Hey Seus H Cripes Ben, haven't you ever been on a long trip before?
You don't have to throw your dirty laundry out and buy new clothes... many hotels/motels offer laundry service for their guests... But if that's too expensive for you, just have one of your traveling mignions look in the damn Yellow Pages for local laundromats or dry cleaners. Heck, many of them even provide "Wash and Fold" service if you don't have time to run the washing machine & dryer yourself. (Or can't figure out how to operate the thing.)

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#1. To: Willie Green (#0)

Willie Green Can’t Stop Talking About Ben Carson's Laundry

Roscoe  posted on  2016-02-06   10:26:38 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: Roscoe (#1)

That's really clever, Rosco.
Did you think that up yourself? Or did boris help you?

Willie Green  posted on  2016-02-06   10:47:15 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: Willie Green (#2)

Banjo Boy helped him!

Fred Mertz  posted on  2016-02-06   10:57:43 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#4. To: Willie Green (#2)

That's really lame, Willy.
Did Fred do his cheerleader routine while you struggled to come up with it?

Roscoe  posted on  2016-02-06   11:06:34 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#5. To: Roscoe (#4)

Wow, nothing gets by you.

Fred Mertz  posted on  2016-02-06   11:10:00 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#6. To: Roscoe, Fred Mertz (#4)

And you need to plagiarize my comment to come up with a comeback?

Willie Green  posted on  2016-02-06   11:14:39 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#7. To: Willie Green (#6)

I mimicked your lameness, you pissed yourself. Maybe Fred can comfort you.

Roscoe  posted on  2016-02-06   11:25:27 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#8. To: Willie Green (#0)

“I don’t just throw something in the garbage and buy a new suit.”

Yeah, there's no same-day dry cleaners or hotel laundry services in hillbilly-infested New Hampshire.

Gee, you're only worth $27 million, Ben. You could have saved money by hitchhiking to Florida instead of splurging on a jet aircraft. Since you're so tight with money and all...

When Carson left Iowa, staffers for Ted Cruz seized on the momentary confusion surrounding his absence to spread false rumors that Carson had dropped out of the race, and encouraged his supporters to throw their vote to Cruz.

They repeated what CNN and other news sites had put on the air.

“Dr. Carson feels absolutely robbed, violated," Carson’s business manager, Armstrong Williams, told Politico in an interview.

Notice Carson himself says no such thing, even though he clearly isn't happy.

This chatty-Cathy attention-whore and false friend is as much to blame as anyone for Carson's dismal showing in Iowa. Carson's top three campaign staff quit a few months ago over this chucklehead running his mouth to every media outlet around.

Tooconservative  posted on  2016-02-06   11:26:02 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#9. To: Willie Green (#0)

Ben Carson Can’t Stop Talking About His Laundry

What else does he have talk about? He entered the campaign on the strength of his whirwind visit to about 57 countries which gave him supposedly superior knowledge of foreign affairs after having been entertained by big wigs at dinner parties. It's a case of trying to interchange a reputation acquired in specialization in one area to knowledge in another area. He may be a good surgeon but he's naive and ignorant about other things.

rlk  posted on  2016-02-06   15:54:34 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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