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Reports Claim Jussie Smollet Allegedly Staged Hate Crime Attack; Police Say News Is 'Unconfirmed, Inaccurate’

C.I. Whose Heroin Buy Led to a Deadly Houston Drug Raid Does Not Seem to Exist

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg back at court after cancer bout (fake news, no pics)

Terry Kath - The little-known rock guitarist who was 'better' than Jimi Hendrix

Nancy Pelosi Earned Fortune on IPO Stock Through ‘Illegal’ Insider Trading

George Soros says Europe faces ‘oblivion’ as pro-freedom parties set to win big in European election

US Air Freight Company that Smuggled Weapons Into Venezuela Linked to CIA "Black Site" Renditions

The Democrat-Communist Party Isn't Going To Like This

‘Shameful & disgusting!’ TSA slammed for ‘invasive groping’ of triple-amputee US veteran

Trump’s Absurd Claim that Americans Are Free from Government Coercion

It is the right and duty of all Americans to REFUSE to comply with unconstitutional gun laws

The pope and Islam’s most important imam just signed a covenant that pushes us much closer to a One World Religion

There’s Nothing Ridiculous About Trains Replacing Planes

Study Shows Concealed Carry Permit Holders Break Laws Far Less Than Cops

US Company That Smuggled Weapons Into Venezuela Linked to CIA “Black Site” Renditions

Tasered 11 Times Over Turn Signal

As US piles on sanctions, foreign investors pour more money into Russia

The US Air Force Has Won Control of the Space Force

Green monster: California abandons high-speed rail line between LA and San Francisco

JEWISH LEADERS Thank President Trump In New York Times Full Page Ad – Criticize Freshman Democrats on Anti-Semitic Positions

Florida School Arms Up; Hires Two Former Combat Veterans To Prevent Mass Shootings

'Germs are not a real thing': Fox News host says he hasn't washed hands in 10 years

Unprecedented Gun Confiscation Hits US as Thousands Of Guns Seized from Innocent Citizens

Antifa activist facing assault charges was tied to Democratic policymakers

Michelle Obama Stuns With a Surprise Appearance at the Grammys

Pro-life activists seek justice for murdered unborn child amid new abortion laws (Stabbing mother not baby murder)

Walter Jones, who worked to atone for his Iraq war vote, is dead at 76

The U.S. Faces A Catastrophic Food Supply Crisis In America As Farmers Struggle

IMF warns of global economic "storm"

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Tears Into ‘Pretend President’ Trumpt

The case for Russia collusion ....Against The Democrats

The Tax Poem

Warren refocuses populist messaWarren refocuses populist message in official kickoffge in official kickoff

Why I Hope Maduro Wins And North Korea Keeps Its Nukes

Video of Roger Stone’s arrest like 'SEAL Team 6 going into bin Laden's compound': Tucker Carlson

Jew-haters burn down New York yeshiva, paint swastikas

TERROR: 19 Year-Old Girl Ori TERROR: 19 Year-Old Girl Ori Ansbacher Found Brutally Murdered, Mutilated in Forest Near Jerusalem Zoo, “Shocking Brutality” Found Brutally Murdered, Mutilated in Forest Near Jerusalem Zoo, “Shocking Brutality”

Australian father teaches kids how to handle a “crocodile” loose in neighbourhood

Camel-a Harris' 2020 Platform

Francis Rooney Endorses Large Tax Increase (R-FL)

John Roberts joins liberal justices as Supreme Court blocks Louisiana abortion clinic law


Weld switches from Libertarian back to GOP as he mulls 2020 challenge to Trump


US test-launches Minuteman ICBM from southern California (Vandenberg AFB)

What Should Be Christians’ Response to ‘Same-Sex Marriage’?


Russia jails Danish Jehovah's Witness for 6 years in purge


7-year-old buried alive in ‘coffin of snow’ after failing to recite bible verses

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Title: James Comey And Peter Strzok Walk Into A Courtroom And Meet The America They Sold Out
Source: The Federalist
URL Source: http://thefederalist.com/2018/06/20 ... cfcb868ceb-a504c5c4c4-84007689
Published: Jun 20, 2018
Author: Adam Mill
Post Date: 2018-06-20 11:02:24 by IbJensen
Keywords: None
Views: 107
Comments: 1

Here’s what might happen if an ‘uneducated, lazy POS’ American happened to spend some time around FBI henchmen Peter Strzok and James Comey.

Reggie eyeballed the clamp he selected, trying to visualize whether it would make the right fit to repair the latch to the console of his truck, when he heard the man standing in line in front of him guffaw at his smartphone. Tap, tap, tap, and the FBI seal disappeared from the home screen as the suited man texted the source of his amusement in a font large enough for Reggie to read from his vantage point. Reggie could read the man’s name from his FBI ID badge: “Peter.”

“I’m at the Walmart in Southern Virginia, I can SMELL the Trump support… it’s scary real down here,” Peter typed on his phone, exhibiting a wicked grin.

“Trump’s supporters are all poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy POS that think he will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing.” The person on the other end of the text conversation responded. Peter nodded his head unconsciously as he wrote back, “Hey, I can get some tickets from that reporter if you’re still available this weekend?”

“Does that mean we’ll need to give her some tidbits between innings?” The other party responded.

“Everyone does it, even the deputy leaks.” Peter wrote back.

Reggie shifted uncomfortably as he watched the cashier scan Peter’s purchases. Was he supposed to be seeing these texts? Peter turned to make eye contact with Reggie, seeing that he had been caught. Peter gave Reggie a non-verbal look of dismissal as if to say, “So? What are you going to do about it?”

Reggie decided to wait until his next stop before gluing and clamping the latch. The glue could dry while the truck was parked for the day. American hands had used steel to fabricate the same latch in his father’s truck decades ago, instead of the imported cast plastic from Mexico in his truck. He continued gluing and patching together the truck, which did double duty as his personal truck and the work vehicle for his nascent HVAC repair business. His wife’s catering business would need a new van this year, so it was her turn next at the used car lot.

At the courthouse, Peter guided his Acura into the reserved parking. He jauntily bypassed the line at the metal detector with a flash of his badge, and quietly slipped into courtroom. Jury selection was already in progress.

“Director, what an honor to have you come for our jury selection!” Peter whispered, greeting the boss from on high.

“Glad to see my agent in court. When do you go on?” the director asked.

“Tomorrow morning after opening statements. How is the public relations response going?” Peter responded.

“There’s no shortage of opinions about us out there. I will tell you that the opinions I care the most about are the opinions of the people who actually know us, and know us through our work. So I’m focused on what the juries think when our agents take the stand,” said the director.

“Speaking of which, the defense is starting his voir dire,” Peter said, hoping he didn’t cause offense by implying it was time to pipe down.

“Ladies and gentleman of the jury, one or more federal agents may testify in this case. Do you members of the jury panel understand that the testimony of a law enforcement officer is not to be given any more credit or believability than that of any other witness, including the defendant, simply because he or she is an FBI agent?” the defense attorney boomed in his stage voice.

“I look at how our recruiting is doing,” the director continued, answering Peter’s question in a lowered voice, “I look at how our retention is doing. We get about 12,000 plus people for example trying to be special agents every year, our admission rate, 5 percent, that’s better than the admission rate at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or Stanford.”

From the bench, the presiding judge silenced the director with a harsh look. If he could hear the director’s whispers from the bench, then the whole courtroom could too.

“Is there any member of the jury panel who would not be able to listen to the testimony of an FBI agent and be fair to both the prosecution and the defendants? Or be more likely or less likely to believe the testimony of a law enforcement officer solely because of the officer’s position?” It was the prosecution’s turn to voir dire the jury.

“Sir, prospective juror number 34?” the judge asked, referring to a chart on his bench.

“Why is that guy staring at you?” the director asked Peter.

Peter turned to see a familiar looking man standing in the jury box. The name patch on his overalls read “Reggie.”

“Can you please remove your hat while court is in session?” the judge asked.

Reggie removed his MAGA hat and returned to his seat, never taking his eyes off Peter.

The director sat up in his bed with a jolt, awaking from the nightmare.

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#1. To: IbJensen (#0)


If you aren't already,you should be writing for a living.

In the entire history of the world,the only nations that had to build walls to keep their own citizens from leaving were those with leftist governments.

sneakypete  posted on  2018-06-20   11:55:53 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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