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The State Can't Keep Drugs Out of Prisons. How Was It Ever Going to Keep Them Out of America?


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Government Generously Hands Back Two-Thirds Of The $626,000 It Stole From Two Men Driving Through Missouri

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SEN. HIRONO: I TOLD A CLASS OF 8TH GRADERS THEIR ABORTION RIGHTS ARE UNDER ATTACK ‘I told them I was coming to rally in front of the Supreme Court’

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Now that we know the FBI is corrupt and treasonous, it’s time to revisit the “official narrative” of 9/11 in search of the real truth


Nation Takes Break From Killing Babies To Mourn Death Of Cat

Body Cam Video ‘Missing’ from 17 Cops Who Raided 4yo Boy’s Party, Pointed Guns at Kids, Destroyed Home

City Steals Elderly Man’s Home for Having a Cluttered Yard, Fines Him $60,000

A Texas City Attorney Was Arrested and Detained for Helping Three Young Migrants on the Side of the Road

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The Democratic Party Is a “Freak Show

Close One: This Baby Was Almost Born Into Poverty But His Mother Killed Him In The Nick Of Time

Study: Compounds in Cannabis Found to Inhibit the Growth of Cancer Cells in the Colon

The White House Says Your Toyota Is a National Security Threat

Insurance Companies Make $1000 For Each Speed Camera Ticket

US Gov’t Now Openly Admits: Pentagon Asks for Money to Directly Fund Terrorists

Newly Released FBI Docs Shed Light on Apparent Mossad Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks

Should we Push our Values on the Middle East ? (US Gummint poised to re-cycle this bogus premise in potential war with Iran)

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Satans Mark/Cashless
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Title: HOLLYWOOD'S LATEST MOVIE: (UNBELIEVABLE PLOT) A God & Satan "Buddy" Movie (Ultimate Programming PsyOp)
Source: YT
URL Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6Ai1imdv3g
Published: Mar 8, 2019
Post Date: 2019-03-10 15:49:02 by Liberator
Views: 155
Comments: 8

Brief synopsis: This movie story theme is actually borrowed from Bible Revelations, Demon and God's Angel join forces to help find a missing "Anti-Christ" to help "Save The World" prevent the "End Times".


Poster Comment:

Of all the bizarre themes ever pushed by Hollywood, this one tops the cake. Even if you aren't a Christian or religious, the plot to this movie will still fascinate you on some level. Beyond the usual political propaganda, if you are interested in how the PTB has been pervasively and subversively manipulating the minds of our youth as well as those of us who weren't paying enough attention, please check this site out.

The observations and interpretations of This YouTuber, 'A CALL FOR AN UPRISING' are regularly posted. YT has banned him several times for being critical of PTB "NO-GO" zones, like "LGBTQXYZ", "PizzaGate", etc.

Material is uploaded in which the PTB's very dark, very evil agenda, its manipulation, symbolism, its mind control, "programming"....IT'S IDENTITY(s) across the board are all exposed.

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#1. To: Redleghunter, CZ82, A K A Stone, Deckard, Stoner, Justified, IbJensen, Pinguinite, TooConservative, Vicomte13 (#0) (Edited)

Not just another movie. Something strange is happening out there.

The Powers-That-Be of Pop Culture have decided it's time to push all their chips into the pot and go all in on their agenda to condition and program young people to embrace their ultimate agenda. (But what is that "agenda"?)

Most of us know that the easiest way to promote an agenda and program people (especially young people) is to disguise it as "entertainment" -- whether movies or music.

But why have so many movies and videos been promoting "Super-Hero" "God-Like" powers?

Why are so many protagonists and antagonists part-human, part-robot? Part-human, part "god"? Part "witch" or "angel" or "demon" OR combo of all of the above?

Maybe some of you have noticed the aggressive push and agenda to normalize "trans-humanism" and soften the image of "monsters" and entities that in the past were unambiguously evil or very dark.

Today, whether Dragons (aka The Serpent), Robots, Ghosts, Aliens, Witches, Demons, and even Satan himself are being depicted and portrayed as cute and cuddly, as "misunderstood" and sympathetic, as..."victims" who just need a little love.

Watch and listen in on this vid.

**Of further interesting note:

The Hollywood people and producers of a bizarre movie plot like this are supposedly "Atheist," ignorant of Biblical themes and End Time prophecy. IT APPEARS THEY AREN'T.

Isn't it really interesting that these sorts seem to be preparing the masses for an event even *they* seem to believe is imminent? OR...can stop?

Liberator  posted on  2019-03-10   16:09:06 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: All (#0) (Edited)

(ABOVE) Oh lookie! The Demon is helpful and nice to both God's Angel AND the little boy.

See?? Demons aren't so bad, right? And they look and act JUST LIKE US!! They're just getting a bad rap in The Bible, slandered by God, Jesus Christ, and The Apostle John in the Book of Revelation.


Another movie that out and messages, symbols and agenda exposed:

Be sure and check out the YT comments.

Liberator  posted on  2019-03-10   17:10:23 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: Liberator (#2)

Hollyweird is re-enacting the pagan pantheon and has been for some years though never winning top industry awards with this material. So it is appalling enough but not exactly news.

The review complained about Hellboy. It was a comic since 1993 and they had two movies that starred Ron Perlman, notorious anti-Christian and/or Trump basher Ron Perlman. They hired another upcoming star to remake Hellboy and plan a 2019 release date. So Hellboy is due for a surge of publicity and a bigger audience share. Maybe. Maybe not. It may just flop.

They did a remake of The Omen, for instance, and it was almost unnoticed by the public and made little money even with a big name star as the protagonist. Not successful even though you might argue that it had a better plot line and production values than the original Omen movie despite the fact that the original Omen starred Gregory Peck. You may recall the theme music: "Sanctus! Domine!", all sung in the scariest tones by The Choir From Hell. You'll recall the Choir's earlier work in The Exorcist soundtrack.

Exorcist and Omen were two of the bigger classic big-budget demonic movies from Hollyweird. I think they've never really successfully remade these and shown a profit. They tried an Exorcist 3 movie and it kind of flopped, about 10 years ago.

Tooconservative  posted on  2019-03-10   17:56:57 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#4. To: Tooconservative (#3)

The 1999 movie Dogma was denounced by the Catholic League as blasphemous -- though that probably increased ticket sales.

$30 million in ticket sales. $10 million budget.

misterwhite  posted on  2019-03-10   18:38:39 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#5. To: misterwhite (#4)

I think Dogma made more from its post-theatrical release and the spinoff with Jay & Silent Bob.

Tooconservative  posted on  2019-03-10   20:56:01 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#6. To: Tooconservative (#3)

Hollyweird is re-enacting the pagan pantheon and has been for some years though never winning top industry awards with this material. So it is appalling enough but not exactly news.

"Pagan"?? Maybe a decade ago and beyond. Recent Hollywood fare (as well as music videos) are now straight up in-your-face Satanic/Illuminati. (Did you watch the first video and review of the Angel/Demon "buddy movie"?)

The (SECOND) review complained about Hellboy.

Actually, this movie critique was far more of a psychological analysis and breakdown of symbolism that's being used and psychological brainwashing of the audience intended to create sympathy for "Hellboy's" actual identity: THE DEVIL.

The so-called "Plot" is transparent and insulting to the intelligence. Then again, its target audience are young mushy pods. The theme and plot is nothing but an insidious psychological device.

Liberator  posted on  2019-03-11   12:30:10 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#7. To: Liberator (#6)

"Pagan"?? Maybe a decade ago and beyond. Recent Hollywood fare (as well as music videos) are now straight up in-your-face Satanic/Illuminati. (Did you watch the first video and review of the Angel/Demon "buddy movie"?)

I think the themes of bad angels and good demons has been explored in films over the last 20 years.

Tooconservative  posted on  2019-03-11   13:49:39 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#8. To: Tooconservative, A K A Stone, Deckard, Pinguinite, redleghunter, ALL WHO SEEK TRUTH (#7)

Again, Hollywood's recent fare transcends the past themes of good/evil by light years I ask, TC -- have you watched the very first video about the Angel/Demon "buddy movie"? If not, please do.


It's commentator used to actually work in Hollywood. He comes at contemporary movies and behavior from a Christian perspective, noting a decided rise of "dark and light" themes, the "SUPER-HERO" obsession, and epidemic of hive-mind of evil, occultism, hate, narcissism...and demonic possession.

While this is worthy thoughtful breakdown and analysis of the messaging of movies and the PTB of Hollywood using their monopoly on the medium of film to heavily influence people, IT IS A WORTHY BREAKDOWN OF "GOOD" vs "EVIL" and the manifestation of pop culture examples.

HOLLYWOOD and "ENTERTAINMENT" AGENDA IS VERY DARK, VERY EVIL. So dark and evil, that it is being used as a vehicle to push a demonic "The Beast System."

Please bookmark and share this video and explore the other work and analyses of this person's video.

Liberator  posted on  2019-03-11   14:10:43 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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