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Title: Donna Bazile Hired as FOX News Contributor
Source: breitbart
URL Source: https://www.breitbart.com/the-media ... hired-as-fox-news-contributor/
Published: Mar 18, 2019
Author: staff
Post Date: 2019-03-18 22:16:22 by buckeroo
Keywords: None
Views: 100
Comments: 8

Donna Brazile, the former acting chair of the Democratic National Committee, has joined the Fox News Channel as a contributor, the network announced Monday. Brazile, a longtime Democrat operative, will provide political commentary on the Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network and makes her debut appearance on The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino this week.

“I’m delighted to be joining Fox News. I know I’m going to get criticized from my friends in the progressive movement for being on Fox News. My response is that, if we’ve learned anything from the 2016 election, it is that we can’t have a country where we don’t talk to those who disagree with our political views,” Brazile said in a statement. “There’s an audience on Fox News that doesn’t hear enough from Democrats. We have to engage that audience and show Americans of every stripe what we stand for rather than retreat into our ‘safe spaces’ where we simply agree with each other. For there is no safety in self-limiting numbers. You can be darn sure that I’m still going to be me on Fox News.”

CNN said in a statement that it was “completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor.”

Despite the Democrat official’s role at CNN, the network claimed it “never gave Brazile access to any questions, prep material, attendee list, background information or meetings in advance of a town hall or debate.”

Brazile officially resigned from CNN on October 14, three days following a WikiLeaks email drop in which she appeared to have obtained some questions in advance of a town hall event and passed them along to the Clinton campaign. “From time to time I get the questions in advance,” wrote Brazile.

Brazile vigorously denied leaking questions, contending that, “as a longtime political activist,” she conveyed her views “with each and every campaign, and any suggestions that indicate otherwise are simply untrue.” In another WikiLeaks release, emails indicated that Brazile had given a question to the Clinton camp, writing, “I’ll send a few more.”

Brazile ultimately admitted to leaking the questions in a March 2017 essay for Time magazine. “My job was to make all our Democratic candidates look good, and I worked closely with both campaigns to make that happen,” she wrote. “But sending those emails was a mistake I will forever regret.”

FOX is turning left. (1 image)

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#1. To: buckeroo (#0)

FOX is turning left.

FOX has been turning in that direction for some time now.

You are arriving late to the party to now notice this.

I only watch Fox Business anymore …

Gatlin  posted on  2019-03-18   22:37:38 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: Gatlin (#1) (Edited)

HEY DIPSHIT! The political drift is about market capture as the US morphs into another presidential election season.

Use that single brain cell you have proudly boosted about.

buckeroo  posted on  2019-03-18   22:44:06 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: buckeroo (#0) (Edited)

Donald's new running mate for 2020, he's gonna dump Pence.

She's black, probably a lesbian, and her name is a latin America country. Pence is just a tired old white guy.

Could be a closet Muslim too, more votes.

hondo68 supports Weld the faggot  posted on  2019-03-18   22:51:00 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#4. To: hondo68 (#3)

Donald's new running mate for 2020, he's gonna dump Pence.

I doubt it. Pence is in.

buckeroo  posted on  2019-03-18   23:04:22 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#5. To: buckeroo (#2) (Edited)

HEY DIPSHIT! The political drift is about market capture as the US morphs into another election season.

HEY PAULTARD BASTARD, you need to use your jungle monkey breath mouth to sometime say something new that I don’t already know. I know that news organizations have become very good at measuring things like audience impressions, reach, and engagement. And they are great at determining who is reading their content, how long they spend with it, and how they are sharing it. News organizations can shift focus like prevailing winds can shift directions. God, you are such a bore when you try to inform me about something I already have full knowledge of.

Use that single brain cell you have proudly boosted about.
Oh, I do. The single brain cell I so proudly boasted about was the lone brain cell I needed to deal with you since one brain cell is all that is required for reaching your intellectual disability. This is understandable since according to studies, libertarian ideologies are associated with greater prejudicial attitudes and lower intelligence. I bet you forever get very frustrated with how stupid you are in comparison with other people when you post on LF. Don’t worry about it, you always have Deckard and hondo to commiserate with. And don’t you feel badly now when I tell you that I need use two brain cells to deal with Deckard.

You dumb ass Paultards should have long ago learned that you cannot match or excel the mental sharpness and inventiveness wit I hit you with through the use of my fantastically spontaneous creativity. I continue to be able to say the perfect thing at the perfect time and in a manner that both surprises you and delights all others who are reading my post.

Gatlin  posted on  2019-03-18   23:27:14 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#6. To: Gatlin (#5)

you always have Deckard and hondo to commiserate with. And don’t you feel badly now when I tell you that I need use two brain cells to deal with Deckard.

But you're helpless against my superior libertarian intellect.

hondo68 supports Weld the faggot  posted on  2019-03-19   0:18:09 ET  (1 image) Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#7. To: buckeroo (#0)

Juan Williams and now Bazile?

Why do I need to listen to bat shit crazy people? I could go down to the corner and listen to the crazy people all day long if I wanted but I don't. So why does foxnews think I want or need to listen to more crazy people?

They also dumped judge Jeanine Pirro for speaking the truth!

They need to dump Shepard Smith but the will not since he came out as being gay. Now they are stuck with him or get sued for daring to fire a lefty gay person.

If foxnews wants to be center left then they will lose audience. The best thing they have ever done was hire Tucker Carlson. Maybe they think they can steal away moderate lefts(as if there really is any such thing) from the other media. What they really need to do is move even farther right towards Tucker Carlson area! Show middle of the road people the truth. That will get you bigger audience!

To me Bill O and Sean Hannity are just guys that stick their fingers in the air to see which way the wind is blowing.

"Socialism corrupts and Democratic Socialism corrupts Absolutely"!

Justified  posted on  2019-03-19   12:25:19 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#8. To: Gatlin (#5)

... libertarian ideologies are associated with greater prejudicial attitudes and lower intelligence.

You are a GODDAMNED liar. Where is your citation from anywhere other than your GODDAMNED ONE BRAIN CELL?

buckeroo  posted on  2019-03-19   21:58:32 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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