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U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings dies; longtime Baltimore advocate was key figure in Trump impeachment inquiry

Elijah Cummings dead at 68.

REVEALED: Kurdish ‘PKK’ Terrorists Were Rebranded by Obama Officials to Dupe the U.S. Public

Ohio’s ‘Tobacco 21’ law takes effect on Thursday

Terrorized, Traumatized and Killed: The Police State’s Deadly Toll on America’s Children

Cops Arrest 12-Year-Old For Pointing 'Finger Gun' At Classmates

CNN President Zucker Has Vendetta Against Trump, is Pushing Impeachment

GQ Magazine Says “New Masculinity” is Men Wearing Earrings, Giant Sleeping Bag Dresses and Crying

Illinois red-light cameras have collected more than $1B from drivers since 2008

Police Force Horrifying Sexual Assault Exam on 5yo Girl After She Fell Off a Trampoline

The DeadWire

Biden: First thing we gotta do is go after people clipping coupons in the stock market

AG Barr Full Notre Dame Speech

Democrats Attack Elizabeth Warren 16 Times in Democrat Debate

Turkey holding 50 US nuclear bombs 'hostage' at air base, report says

Mary Poppins Movie Review (another disturbing Hollywood-remake targets children)

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Dismisses and Mocks Bible Account of Creation From Genesis-to-Revelation; (Laughs at Believers in Literal Bible as "Un-enlightened")

ABC News ‘slaughter in Syria’ footage appears to come from a Kentucky gun range

Census Bureau seeks state data, including citizenship info

Latest list of those allegedly targeted for illegal monitoring by ousted Obama holdover Amb to Ukraine

Fort Worth police officer fatally shoots woman in her home while checking on an open front door

Cop Stands Up to Bully Officers for Harassing Him, Gets Beaten, Arrested and Fired

Siblings Outraged by Their Brother's Fatal Shooting Dismiss the Fact That He was an Armed Robber - "Oh Well!"

U.S. Mint to redesign gold and silver American Eagles, implement security devices - Mnuchin chips the bird

"Abuse By The Police" Documentary Allows Victims Of Rape By Cops Who Got Away Scot Free To Speak Out

James OÂ’Keefe announces 'This may be the biggest story Project Veritas has ever broke' [CNN]


Rand Paul: Democrats Need to be Investigated Over Ukraine

Winnie the Pooh warns attempts to divide China will end in 'shattered bones'

A bunch of democratic faggot and tranvestite loving freaks from hell

Bill Barr Flames ‘Unremitting Assault’ On Religion, Traditional Values During Notre Dame Visit

Hunter Biden Steps Down From Chinese Board in Bid to fight.

AGW Hut! Hut! Huts! Woman Over Hot Dog

The NBA's China Problem Gets Worse After 2 American Arenas Eject Hong Kong Supporters

Jackie Brown star Robert Forster dies aged 78

A Latina novelist spoke about white privilege. Students burned her book in response.

Trump speaks to media during meeting with Chinese officials (Phase 1 trade treaty agreed to)

'Deeply harmful: Democrats fear O’Rourke will aid Trump by calling for seizing guns and taxing churches

Shepard Smith Stepping Down From Fox News

Orators of the Democrat Party

(WHOA!) Trump on Joe Biden at Rally, "He understood how to kiss Barack Obama's *ss".

Biden: ‘We Allow The Homophobes’ To Control The Agenda

SCARRED FOR LIFE: Post-Op Transgenders Start Movement to Encourage People to ‘Detransition’

President Trump is a Choir Boy Compared to Other Recent Presidents

With Request to Testify via Letter, Fake Whistleblower Achieves Peak Absurdity

More People Killed by Knives Than by Rifles, Shotguns, But Handguns Used in Most Murders

"It Drove Like A Drunk-Driver": Consumer Reports Eviscerates Tesla's Smart-Summon Feature

Does Corporate America Really Want to Hold a National Referendum on Whether Americans Value Their Own Freedoms or Corporate Freedom to Import Chinese Censorship More?

Neil deGrasse Tyson reacts to report of asteroids barreling toward Earth (Suggests asteroid "Deflector" shield like an 'Atari' game to protect Planet from annihilation)

Florida man who claimed self-defense after shooting man over parking spot sentenced

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Title: Confiscate, Ban, Register, Limit and Bust – Dems Lay Gun Control Cards Down in Las Vegas
Source: [None]
URL Source: https://townhall.com/columnists/law ... rds-down-in-las-vegas-n2554140
Published: Oct 7, 2019
Author: L. Keene
Post Date: 2019-10-07 09:03:49 by WWG1WWA
Keywords: Guns, Confiscate, Dems
Views: 66
Comments: 4

Democratic candidates gathered in Sin City and went all in on gun control. Granted, it wasn’t hard to do when the event was sponsored by gun control groups Giffords and March for Our Lives and the table dealer was a left wing cable news network that didn’t even gamble their own ratings by putting it on their network. They live-streamed on the web instead.

If you missed it, I don’t blame you. Still, there’s some big election-year ideas they’re betting on.


The field split on outright confiscation. They must have noticed that U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) isn’t at the table anymore after he championed the idea. Former Congressman Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke continued to double down, offering up a poll that says the majority of Americans support a “mandatory buyback” (read: confiscation). I’ll take action on the bet they didn’t ask the more than 16 million modern sporting rifles owned by law- abiding Americans. Those are the semiautomatic AR-15 rifles they vilify, different from the rifle employed by the military. O’Rourke isn’t the only one betting on this. U.S. Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) want in too.

CARTOONS | CHIP BOK VIEW CARTOON Every Democratic candidate believes banning an entire class of firearms – the modern sporting rifle – is a winning hand. Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-Ind.) told reporters following the event that labeling the semiautomatic rifle as a “weapon of war” – which is different from the military M-16 and M-4 – isn’t misleading. Buttigieg said he supports banning the sale of “assault weapons, like what I carried in Afghanistan.” Don’t bet on black on this one, Mayor Pete. They’re different firearms.


Candidates offered differing plans to regulate ownership. Former Vice President Joe Biden let it roll on his recently released gun control plan that forces AR-15 owners to sell their rifles to the government or register them under the National Firearms Act, which would require registration, tax stamps, fingerprints and a government tracking for every modern sporting rifle. But wait, there’s more. Biden wants to include magazines too.

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#1. To: WWG1WWA (#0)

" big election-year ideas "

I hope every anti 2nd amendment politician, R & D, this next election is voted out of office, and that they have to live under a bridge, and eat out of garbage cans !!!

Si vis pacem, para bellum

Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.

"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." (Will Rogers)

"No one ever rescues an old dog. They lay in a cage until they die. PLEASE save one. None of us wants to die cold and alone... --Dennis Olson "

People that say money can't buy you happiness, have never paid an adoption fee

Stoner  posted on  2019-10-07   10:03:56 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: WWG1WWA (#0) (Edited)

and the table dealer was a left wing cable news network that didn’t even gamble their own ratings by putting it on their network. They live-streamed on the web instead.

A little lame that I had to search out confirmation that it was streamed on MSNBC. Not very good reporting really.

It does bring to mind the previous global hotting conference the Dem prez wannabes attended on September 23. I think that one lasted 8 hours but was broadcast on CNN, I think.

It reminds me of how the Dems in 2016 almost hid their debates from the public, choosing to schedule them at times that virtually guaranteed that almost no one would be watching. Like Saturday nights or on Monday/Thursday nights against NFL football games.

It seems to me that the Dems are trying to appeal to their activist base with this stuff but are keeping it quiet with the rest of the Dem and indy voters. So their candidates can fly their freak flags now and still pretend to be moderates later, when some of them (Beto) go back home to run for Senate in 2020. Or become a VP candidate or the Dem nominee.

Polling consistently shows that very few people outside a small group of Luddite radicals in the Dem party give two craps about climate change. So the Dems are trying to capture those radicals for their votes in the primary but keep it on the down-low with the rest of the voters.

Tooconservative  posted on  2019-10-07   14:29:55 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: WWG1WWA (#0) (Edited)

The dem candidates are trying to jump on President Donnell's gun control wagon.

Too little, too late. Donnell is public enemy #1 and will remain so until he's defeated in 2020.

Ron Paul - Lake Jackson Texas Values

Hondo68  posted on  2019-10-07   16:51:04 ET  (1 image) Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#4. To: Hondo68 (#3)

Trump is trying to lure the Dems into wild excesses of gun grabbing.

Unfortunately, even they aren't stupid enough to fall for his little trick.

Trump wanted to encourage them to pass something insane, get them all on record in the House, send it to the Senate to put all those Dems on record.

It would almost certainly fall apart before it got out of the Senate but Trump, true to form, refused all along to say exactly what he would and would not sign. Because he would veto anything restrictive and hang it around the Dems' necks.

Every gungrabbing vote you can get from any Dem in Congress is worth at least $1 million to the RNC. In the Senate, $2 million per Dem.

Tooconservative  posted on  2019-10-07   18:50:28 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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